Thursday, September 30, 2010

Period 2 - Light

For homework, our job was to draw pictures of ray diagrams. We had to draw a picture of someone looking at a puppy, watching a movie in a theater, and looking at your reflection in a lake.

  • Looking at a puppy - When we drew these pictures on the board, we drew a lot of arrows going to the dog and from the dog to your eye. It shows how the sun lights up the dog allowing our eye to see the dog's shape and the colors

  • Watching a movie - The light is going to the movie and then back to your eye and detecting the color.

  • Looking at your reflection - The arrows would bounce off the lake and the person and that would cause the lake to reflect your shape.

Why do our eyes hurt when we look at the sun?


  • Our eyes absorb the light and there is too much of it for our eyes to take

  • The rays aren't bouncing off anything first to go to your eye

  • Our eyes are adjusted to a certain amount of light so when we look at that light it's too bright.

  • The sun's light is too strong

  • It doesn't hurt our eyes when we look straight because the sun's rays are bouncing off things until it gets to your eye, so by then it isn't as strong.

Testing Experiment

Does light shine stronger when it hits different colors?

My group tested 4 colors - Pink, black, white, and clear

- We noticed that white and pink made the light shine the strongest, it was a bigger light. The black was the smallest light where it was just a little dot. The clear color made it big, but it was also kind of a fuzzy light almost as if it were faded.

We discussed that darker colors tend to absorb more light and lighter colors reflect more light. That is why they say if you wear a black t-shirt in the summer you will feel hotter because you are absorbing more heat from the sun.

How many rays come off a light bulb?

Ideas - - - -> -10,000 rays.........1,000,000 rays......1 ray......5 rays........infinity...

Which direction do the rays go?

  1. Straight line

  2. Fanned out

  3. Everywhere


  1. Light looks different on certain colors because the colors absorb them differently

  2. There can be a number of rays in a light bulb

  3. The sun's rays are too strong for our eyes to take, causing our eyes to hurt when we look directly at it


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