Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th, 2011

Today when we walked into class, we got right to the questions from Friday. We took out our homework from the 3rd, and JF and AL drew the force diagrams on the boards from the picture frame and the car problems.

AL had labeled her force diagram like this (on the top) force exerted from the Earth on Car, then the dot was labeled car, and on the bottom it was the force exerted from the road to on the car. But she had mixed the two up, the force from the Earth was on the bottom, and the road on the top, so JP fixed them.

JF had labeled hers as so; on the top, it was the force from the string and the middle was the picture with the frame and the bottom was the force on the earth

The arrows on the picture frame was very short because the picture frame isn't exerting as much force as the car.

Then Finley showed us a "video" on PHET that was a man pushing a box on the ice and we had to make a force diagram on the "video"

EC and I said that if force is exerted on the box, then the box is going to continue traveling for awhile, but before the earth's force is going to slow the box down.

JG (Fourth Time)

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