Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Walking Lab

Our group started the walking lab yesterday. We started by looking at the equation Distance/ Time = Speed. Then after understood that we devised an experiment.The first step in our experiment we measured a distance of 49 feet 6 inches and that would be the distance we walked. Next we got a timer and we timed each person in our group walking the distance distance three times each. Then we used our equation Distance/Time = Speed for each of our times. My times were 10 seconds, 9.4 seconds, and 9.7 seconds. Then I divided 49.5 feet by each of those times and I got 4.95 ft per sec, 5.27 ft per sec, and 5.1 ft per sec. Next I found my average time which was 5.11 ft per sec. We did this for everyone in the group. After we did that Finley had us measure from his room's door to Mr. G's door which was 198.25 ft. Next we predicted how long it would take KK to walk that distance. Her average speed was 6.24 feet per second. So that means we had the distance and the time for our equation. Next we took the distance with uncertintey and divided it by the speed with its uncertintey. The range we got was 31.74 seconds- 31.79 seconds. Next we had KK walk the distance so we could see the actual time. Her two times were 30.92 seconds and 29.86 seconds. Then we need averaged those out with the uncertinty and we got the range of 30.395 seconds- 30.385 seconds. So even though our prediction was close it still wasn't right on. REMEMEBER TEST ON FRIDAY -DB

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