Wednesday, April 6, 2011

walking project-period 2

Today we continued our walking experiment by walking to a location and finding the distance. We have to find out how many steps are taken in 10 seconds. We recorded each persons step and added them and multiplied by 6 and divides by 4. Our formula we need to follow was- EE was our walker and she walked an average of 27.5 steps in 10 seconds. We found out that she took 135 steps in one minute. We divided it by 60 and got 2.25 steps per second. We later realized how we messes up our experiment and had to start over. This time, we took the measuring tape and measured 50 feet. She walked the distance of that, which also failed. Mr. Finley explained to us to find the uncertainty of our steps. That is something we will continue tomorrow. Tomorrow we will also review the numbers that we found today and use uncertainty to receive a better answer for the number of steps S.D

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  1. I think what we did wrong was that we needed to find out how many steps it took to get to our location, not the number of steps in the 50 ft.