Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11-23-10 Elevator problem

We started out in class with going over the blogging rules:
  • You must comment twice a month

  • November and December are going to be combined, so you have enough time to make your tow comments.
  • The comments should be either a question or correction.

  • Answering a question counts as a comment.

  • Your comment should be on a recent blog, otherwise no one will see it and respond.

The picture is what a bar graph would look like.

Next we began to work on a few problems with the bar graph packet.

It was: $20 in your wallet, $60 int he bank, and $20 pocket.

If you take $20 out of the bank, and put it in your pocket what would the bar graph look like now.

We would then draw a picture of the change. This is what the rest of the bar graph packet was like.

Then we got into groups, mine was going over the elevator problem.

Say the elevator is 1000 N and Mary is 100 N the weight now is 1100 N the elevator height is 10 meters, how can you figure out how much work was done?

Force* displacement=work

1100* 20= 22000 J

We got 1100 form the weight of Mary and the elevator, and we got 20 because we drew a picture to help us figure out how much distance the elevator would have to go..

Next we had to figure it out if Marys twin sister was on it, we assume she weighs the same.
Mary is 100 pounds, and her twin is 100 pounds

1200*20= 24000

Meters= displacement

If we went on the elevator for 4 floors instead of 3, it would be:

1100*30= 33000

1100 because of the weight of the elevator and Mary, and 30 because of the amount of meters between the floor of the first floor and third.

Something I am a little bit confused on is how to make an integer statement. If anyone wants to comment and tell me how, that would be good.



  1. A few things to add:
    -For any problem, you can use any amount of Joules you want, as long as it's logical, so we could've used different numbers for the elevator problem.
    -When you said 10 meters is the elevator height, I think you meant 10 meters is height of each floor.

    Integer statement: I'm pretty sure it's exactly what you've put; Force * Displacement = Work
    However, I think it's a little different when it's with the bar charts. If you have $20 in your pocket and $10 in your wallet, and you put $5 in your wallet from your pocket, you would say: 20+10=15+15 to show that no money has been spent or earned.


  2. Thanks is the 20+10=15+15 an integer statement?