Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

Today in class, the first thing we had to finish up was to go over the ski problems and to make sure that you made the bar charts for it. Bar charts should look like this.

Rasing the Bar packet must be done and you should almost be done with the Energy packet.

You also have to go over the homework that is due today and start making bar charts for all of the problems.

Energy Packet

1. The first problem was that Jessica stands on the 1st floor of the elevator. The door closes and she goes up to the 4th floor. Jessica and earth are in the system.

a.) Jessica, Earth, and Elevator

b.) Initial is when she is on the 1st floor. Final is when she is on the 4th floor.

c.) Creat own work-energy bar chart

2. Alan's Solution

a.) We agree with Alan and his charts are correct and so are his answers.

b.) The chart helps him see the changes from start to end and the amount of work done.

c.) They show the amount of work and energy in the system.

d.) He found out that displacement * force = work and he found the lengths of the bars.

3. 4.5 Reason

a.) The work and the final energy would be split in half.

b.) She would still have GP energy but less than if at the top. She would not have kinetic because the elevator moves at a constant rate.

c.) 0+1000J=1000J

That's all we got done in class.


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