Friday, November 12, 2010


First, we went over a few things from yesterday that we didn't get to. We first talked about the homework from a few days ago having to do with the cart on the ramp. The whole process was as follows:

First, the spring sprang the car to the edge of the ramp.

Then, the cart fell off the ramp.

Next, we went over last night's homework. As a group, we had to write our idea of an example of the following: Positive work that causes an increase in the elastic potential of the system. We had these ideas:

---Slinghot Number Sentence: 5+4=9

---Treadmill Number Sentence: 5+4=9

---Rubber band Number Sentence: 5+4=9

Mr. Finley's: Kinetic to Elastic

System: Person, Trampoline
His situation: A person speeding down very fast onto a trampoline that stretches.
20 Jewels= 20 Jewels
Jewels: A unit for energy

JP table idea: Gravitational potential energy in the system is converted to internal energy
A rock is pulled down on a rubber band.
System: Rubberband, Person, Rock
gravity+ -2 gravity+ 2 elastic= 2 elastic

MP table idea: Positive work to kinetic energy
Person pushing a cart
0 units+ 2 units
System= Surface where cart is pushed

DB table idea: Positve work to gravitational energy of the system
A ball falling off of a table
Couldn't come up with an equation
System: Ball

AL table idea: Gravitational potential energy in the system is converted to internal energy.
When meteorites get pulled to earth, they warm up as they go through the atmoshpere.
5 unites of energy+0 units of energy= 5 units of converted energy.
The earth/atmosphere does the work

JF table: Kinetic coverted to grav. potential energy
A kid climbing up a diving board ladder but not jumping up
3+2 +-5+6=6
System: Diving board, Ladder, Earth

This is important because it is the basic facts of this unit. We are going to have to build on all of these different types of energy, so it is a good thing that we are getting familiar with all of them.


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