Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Class on 11/24

In the beginning of class, he told us that:

we are going to start a group project on Tuesday. The bar chart packet must be done by then.

We had everyone break up into their groups as usual, and the "skier people" looked at a PowerPoint presentation on his laptop, and we need to remember some of it for the homework.

The homework for the "elevator problem people" is to do the skier problem, and for the people like my group, "the skier problem people" is to correct and explain any mistakes you made using the PowerPoint presentation that we looked at in class.

I have a question for everyone out there: for the system for the skier problem, why is the mountain not in the system?

And, if you don't get how to make bar charts for the skier, I have a hint; he tells you what the system is in one of the old hws, and those are labels. Here's what the old hw was:


  1. The mountain isn't in the system because the earth is doing the work, not the mountain. In the "skier problem" it should have the skier and the earth as the system.


  2. I agree with BB, but I still don't understand why the mountain isn't in the system. I thought that the thing doing the work isn't included in the system. So I'm confused. Can someone help me?


  3. @CS
    I think that since the Earth's gravitational field is pulling down the skier, that doesn't qualify as the Earth's work? I'm not sure either