Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th, 2010 -Energy Reminders For Test

Today we made a list in our groups to remind us what we know about energy; here's the list. We all tried to remember stuff and we didn't know if its right or wrong. Yet.


  • No mass

  • Many forms of energy

  • Can never be destroyed

  • It never stops going

Then we came together as a class to see what we all came up with;

Brady's Group:

  • Light is energy

  • Energy cannot die

  • You can apply energy

  • You can't apply energy to yourself

And a few more.

Yamato's Group:

  • Energy has no mass

  • Not a state of matter

  • Many types of energy

  • Can be transferred object to object

  • Can be transferred by applying force.

Steven's Group:

  • Work is transferring energy to or from our object or system by applying force and having our object displace

  • Force; push/pull

  • Displacement; change in position

My group:

See the first list.

Alexia's group:

  • Isn't matter

  • Transferring energy to an item is work

  • Doesn't always displace

  • Need energy to have chalk smashing ability

  • Types of energy; microwaves, UV rays, gamma rays, x-rays.


**Remember we have a test tomorrow and there's a study session at 7 tomorrow. Study!**


  1. Mechanical Energies:
    -Gravitational potential energy
    -Kinetic energy
    -Elastic potential energy
    -Internal energy

    Other Types:
    -Nuclear energy
    -Chemical energy
    -Sound energy
    -Electromagnetic energy
    -Electrical energy
    But we didn't learn some of those