Monday, December 20, 2010


Fin asked us about self controll. He asked Steve to go up and break a light bulb that he wrapped in a shirt. Steve broke it. Finley passed around the bottom part of the light bulb. Ha asked us if we could trace the path of the wires in the bulb and tell if it was important or not. When we examined it there was a spring on the top connected by 2 rods that went down through the glass that holds everything together. We had to draw what we saw in our notebooks. We also had to answer the ?s "where do the wires go" and "why is it important". We saw that the wires came out of the bulb and did not touch the bottom of the bulb. This was important because if it were to touch the bottom of the bulb, then the electricity would just circle around in one spot. The wires also go out because the electricity needs to find a way out of the bulb to go outside. Fun then passed around the bulb again to see if we could finfd evidence of the wires coming out. My group found where the wires were coming out- one on the side and one coming from the bottom. FIn asked why the wires were going in 2 different places. Then, fin brought back up the whole plastic parachute senario when he rubbed the parachute on Sasha and Yamato's head. He said that when you rubbed it on your hair, you are releasing electrons creating static electricity. He then rubbed the chute onto several people's heads and said that this realeased positive energy. Anthony said that it released electrons that traveled from the desk onto the chute then to the head. We then watched an Irish movie about electricity. In the movie they said that traffic also creates static electricity. Then they moved on to electrical circuits. They said that an electrical circuit is a circuit that makes electricity move around. They gave pictures of circuits. ON circuit, the parallel circuit, has electricity that goes around in a circle. A series circuit is where the circuit goes to more than one place at once. The movie moved on to telephone wires and that good stuff and how the high voltage can kill a person. This happens because the human body is mostly made up of water, and since water has a strong reaction to electricity, the shock can kill a person. Then they explained that a wat is equal to a jewl or newton (Fin pointed that out). THe movie moved to how electricity also creates heat and fuses. They then explained that life would be very difficult without electricity. The movie ended after that. We talked about the movie and their accents after the movie was done.
There is a test tomorrow along with a study session at 7:00- there might be donuts



  1. You mixed up series curcuit and parrellel curcuit. Series curcuit is the one with 2 lights, one switch, and goes in a circle. Parrallel curcuit is the one where there is 2 lights, 2 switches and the current starts to go in a circle, then forks, then joins back together, and finally goes back to the battery.


  2. this has nothing to do wit the blogg..its abt the test we're havin 2morrow...
    can someone define chemical,light,electricity,mechanical,and nuclear energy?
    nd on the study ggguide it says grocery baag paradox what that?

  3. You said there was a spring on the top connected by 2 rods that went down through the glass that holds everything together. Is this spring the filament or something else? The way you worded it just confused me a little. Thanks!!