Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today we worked on the elephant promblem. In the elephant problem we saw a elephant jump on a trampolene and do flip. He asked us 5 questions. 1. Write about 5 different things in the video that relate to energy. We said walking to climbing stairs. Stairs to trampoline. standing on trampoline to jumping on it. At the peak of height falling. From trampoline to walking. 2. Describe or draw intial and final states. 3. Include your choose of system. We said The elephant, trampoline, and earth. 4. Create three diffrent representation( picture, bar chart, number statement.) to demonstrate the changes that occured during the process.5. Is the elephant situation realistic in terms of the physics and energy? Explain.
If you want to see the video go to and type in elephant jumping on trampoline
Then we went to a website( and played a game energy skate park. It was a person on a ramp going back and fourth.



  1. Wait, for number 1, is it an energy transfer? You didn't say it was or was not.Please help


  2. Hey MM,
    i was absent these last two days and i was just reading this to see what an explaination could be for homework, and im kind of confused. so if you could just help by commenting, that'd be great.
    thank you!

  3. Is the elephant situation realistic in terms of the physics and energy? Explain.
    what the question above mean?
    what are concepts of physics and energy???????????

  4. The question means basically "Is this situation possible in terms of how the energy is being transfered and conserved?" such as going from grav. pot. to kinetic energy when the elephant is falling down. I'm not exactly sure how to explain it.