Friday, December 17, 2010

Energy and Circuits- P2

Today we went over our homework from Our homework was to create a circuit that lights a light bulb. After creating it on, you can see how the current is passed from the battery to the bulb through the wires. In order for the current to work, you need an energy source (battery) and a place for the energy to be recieved (light bulb)with a switch to turn it on. If you have an open circuit, energy cannot be passed through.
A closed circuit is a complete circuit where the energy can be passed through in a circle.
A resistor is a tool that you can add onto your circuit which can slow down your current and dim the light.
If the circuit has a too high of a voltage, it will catch on fire.

Energy cannot pass through a dog.

Energy can pass through metal a lot easier than a non-mental object.
The blue dots that pass through the wires are the electrons. Electrons are a part of an atom. The electrons preform kinetic energy while traveling throught the wires.

Another thing we've briefly talked about was static electricity. After rubbing hair with plastic the result was that it stood up. This is caused by electrons. The electrons from the plastic was rubbed onto hair which made it stand up.



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