Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday, December 3 - HW Review & Elephant Project

Today we went over the homework and had a class disscussion. The homework was to make problems that related to the 3 number statements given. You also had to describe the proccesses of energy conservation and the constant processes. Last, you had to draw a bar chart and solve the problem. When we went over the homework as a class, and we realized how to follow the number statements that were given to us and accurately make a problem that relates to it without stating what happens prior to what you're given.

Then, we went back with our groups to work on the elephant project. We started the elephant project two days ago when we watched a video to start us off. The video was about an elephant that steps onto a trampoline. It shows the elephant walking up the steps, and starting to jump on the trampoline and jumping on it. Mr. Finley gave us a task to find 5 things that related to energy from the video, draw the intial and final states, bar charts, and number sentences. There was also an additional question which is: "Is the elephant situation realistic in terms of physics and energy?

You can watch the video at:


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