Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesdays Blog

At the beginning of class, I asked a question about what constant and conserved energy was. Mr.Finley said that consistant energy was when the amount of energy does not change, but the type of energy changed. Conserved energy is when energy changes in a predictable way. The quiz tommorow will be on bar charts, number sentences, and energy. He said to just remember how to make bar charts.Mr. Finley told us to discuss about a problem where a box went from the ground to high up in the air. He said to say which process will require the most amount of energy. A crane lifting the box, a person pushing the box on a slanted board, or a person pushing it on a spiral staircase. We said that the spiral stair case will require the most energy. we had to draw a bar chart for all of the sceneareos. Mr. Finley said all of the situations started out with no energy. It turns out that all of them had the same amount of energy at the end. They all had the same amount of work as well. We discussed why we might want a spiral stair case. We said that the spiral the 50J of energy will be used in a longer amount of time, makeing it easier. For the crane, it is a short distance, but it will be much harder to lift it straight up. We discussed that a pengulem would be dropped at a height. Where would it be on the other side. We also said to say what would happen if there was a bar in the way. We said that the pengulem will go the same height as it was before. If there was a bar in the way, we said that it will go half of what it would normally go. Remember to study!