Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7, 2011

We started by recreating the concept map on the smart board. We had to connect the terms particle, atom, molecule, ion, proton, nuetron, isotope, electron, and element. We gave the connections and answers and Fin drew it. He also talked about how the mass of an atom came from the protons and neutrons, but not the electrons. For extra credit: look up the mass of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Then compare them. He put a piece of paper in a box with two chimneys and let the paper smolder. He told us to figure out which chimney the smoke would go through. He did the same thing again but he put a lit candle underneath the other chimney and told us to figure out which chimney the smoke would go up now. The only hint he gave us was that the box was called a convection chamber. The candle heated up the air making it less dense and it rose up. The smoke rushed to the empty space and was heated up by the candle and it rose out Chimney A instead of Chimney B.

G Stum

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  1. add in that the air outside the box was further from the source, became denser and went down chimney B