Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today we started with checking the home work. Then Mr. Finley went over what we did on Teusday. We went over how scientists said that when they rubbed their hands together they were leaking phlagastun (flag-a-stun). Then they called it heat. We went over how the scientists tried to find out how heat works. They came up with some crazy ideas like how they were swimming in a liquid of heat and other ideas. Then Fin started complaining about how people misuse the word "heat" in our language like how people ask each other to turn up the heat. Then he asked a lot of people to stand in a line and hold each other's hands. Then he explained how the people are particles in a spoon and Finley was the soup. Then, he explained how the particles moved around. Everyone in the line shook their arms to show movement. DB pointed out that the people model shows that energy travels in waves. Then we talked about energy waves and about solar flares. Then Fin asked what would a star's radiation affect? We said that it would shut down all sorts of technology like cell phones and satelites. Then we had a quick talk about pop-tarts, hotpockets and peeps and how they explode. Then we talked about the radiation of heat in a micrwave and how it's bad to watch things heat up in the microwave. Then he talked about how radiation affects the body by giving you sunburn. Then he talked about how we dropped aan atomic bomb in WWII that has radiatioin. Then Fin said that even though a bomb was dropped 100 miles from a house far they would still be affected because the radiation travels in waves and travels far. Then he showed us a simulation on PhEt and that if he increased the amount of waves, the faster the particles moved. Then he asked the groups to duscuss how the microwave worked on PhEt simulation. Then he asked the groups to discuss how a thermomiter works. We then quikly went over how it works. Then it was time to go.


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