Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First, we went over our homework. We learned that a physical change is when an object changes, but does not effect their chemical nature. An example of this is wood turning into a baseball bat. The next thing we went over is a chemical change which is when substances change into different substances. An example of this is burnind wood. Most of the time, chemical changes relate to rearangment of atoms. One more thing is that physical changes are reversable and chemical changes aren't. After that, we start to think about an experiment. We have to filter an ice cub to see all the materials in it. The materials are iorn, wood shavings, sugar, water, and sand(I'm not 100 percent sure on sand).For this specific experiment, my group decided to make an experiment we did in the 5th grade. We will put the cube in a transparent cup, and leave it alone for a while. After waiting for a day we should see the most dense materials on the bottom and the least dense materials on the top. We can just take each part out from top to bottom and we will have all the materials in seperate spaces. We also have our test on friday. Mr.Finley posted a study guide on the website and I highly recomend you check it out. Our lab report is also due friday.

PS I can't add an image because the "add picture" button was not working for my computer. If I were to add a picture, I would have shown a burning fire, and a glass with the least density on the top and the most dense on the bottom


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  1. Could you please add a link to the picture. I'm a little confused about what it should look like.
    -- JF