Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First in class, we went over our homework. The definition of a physical change is when an object changes but does not affect their chemical nature. Some examples of this is when wood becomes a baseball bat or melting ice. The definition of a chemical change is when substances change into different substances. An example of this are burning wood. We learned that typically, chemical changes relate to rearrangement of atoms. Another thing about physical and chemical changes is that physical changes are reversable, while chemical changes aren't. We also have a test on friday, so start studying. Mr. Finley posted a study guide on the website to help us and I highly recommend you check it out. After we went over homework, we discussed and experiment. We had to filter out an ice cube to see the materials inside. The materials are iorn, wood chips, sugar, water, and sand(im not 100 percent on sand). My group had the idea that if we put the materials in a cup, the less dense materials will go to the top, and the more dense will go to the bottom. Then, we can just take the materials out. Lastly, our lab reports are due on friday. So, I hope this will keep you up to date.

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