Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday 18, 2011

Sorry but this blog is really late, this is supposed to be from Friday...

Today we came in and the first thing we did was to get goggles and an apron. We were going to start our experiment for our lab report.

So the first thing we did was to make sure we had everything. The materials we used were...

  • Gauge
  • Test Tube
  • Test Tube Grabber
  • 15-20ml of Sugar
  • Saucer
  • Saucer 2
  • Matches
  • Bunsin Burner

Before we did anything, as a class, we talked about the background information we got for our lab which was the homework from the night before. Some the the information was about John Dulton, atoms, particle motions, conservation of mass, decomposition, synthesis, states of matter, and sugar(C12H22O11).

Our experiment was to decompose 20ml of sugar. Our first step was to weigh all of the items that i listed above.

Our hypothesis was that sugar is made up of 2 things. Water and Carbon because sugar is C12H22O11. The C part is carbon and the H20 part is water. So our prediction was that if we were to evaporate the water by boiling the sugar, there should only be carbon left in the test tube. Also if conservation of mass were true, the test tube with sugar in it should weigh less than before the water was boiled out of it.

We were ready to experiment. First thing we did was to turn on the Bunsin Burner. We took a match and we put the flame over the bunsin burner, and it was on fire. Then we took the test tube with sugar in it, and used the test tube grabber to put it over the fire. In about a minute we already saw changes happening. At the bottom of the tube that was being heated the most, it seemed like the sugar was turning into a liquid. Moments later, the liquid turned into a yellow-ish color. The level of the sugar started rising to the top of the test tube as water was evaporating. It turned purple like black and there was water particles escaping and we trapped it with the saucer. As more water particles came, it turned back into water and dripped down. After we felt like there was no more water left, we turned off the bunsin burner and put the carbon filled test tube away.

Later in the day, we came back to see how the carbon was like. It was still black and hardened. We took paper towels, wrapped the test tube, and smashed it. The carbon came out looking like this.

That was it with our experiment, but now we have a whole lab report to write about this. We need background information, hypothesis, prediction, materials, experiment, analysis, and a conclusion. The lab report will be due sometime around next week. The test will be on Friday.


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