Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Period 2 10-12-10

Today in class we went over why when you shine the laser, only certain people at a certain angle can see it.

We had half the class stand at the front of the room, and the other half stay in their seats. The mirror was in between the two sections of people. Mr Finley shined the laser at the mirror, and some of the people in the front of the room could not see it. But the people sitting down could. Why so you think this is?

We could not see the laser on the mirror because the angle that the laser was shining at. It was bouncing off the reflective surface to the people who were sitting down.

The dot on the wall bounces off in every direction, but when we shine it at a reflective surface it will bounce off one ray at the same angle as the incident angle.

Don't forget to email Mr. Finley your lab if oyu have not all ready done so.

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