Friday, October 15, 2010

Period 2 October 15, 2010 JB

We changed seats so ask Finley where you sit if you were absent. We taked about analogies. An analogie is comparing things. We found analogies of light bouncing off a mirror. The laser is like a rain drop bounceing off a window, a bullet ricochaing off medal, and a bouncy ball bouncing off the floor. The bouncy ball hits the ground and bounces at the same angle. Another example is a basket ball hitting a backboard. In all of these examples the object goes at one angle, and hits something then, it goes off in the same angle on the other side. These are analogies, real life examples.

The simalarities of these situations are; that they are bouncing at the same angle, the surface changes, and the sources are different.

Some differences are; that they are at a different magnitued, the objects are aventually going to stop going straight and start heading down, they have different speeds, you can see the ball and not the light, they don't always travle in a straight line, and the bounce ball is solid matter, and the light is energy.

When using analogies you need to make sure it fits. For example, you can't use the bounce ball for explaning why we can see the light. A good analogy is a water balloon and how it hits the wall and explodes in every directing. Now were doing an experimeant that involes shinning a light into a beacher with water. We have found out that the laser, when shone through water, gets weaker.

We had a discussion in class on if a laser goes straight through when shone through water, or if it changes paths and bends when shone through water. We had HW to see if lights path changes direction. We have to watch a video and see if our bouncy ball model can explain whats happening.


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