Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Period 2 Oct. 20

At the begining of class we talked about how we could walk through air, water, quick sand, and a 4 foot high wall. My group came up with this. For water we thought it would be harder because it is hard to put your foot in. Air it would be easy because we walk through it all the time. Quick sand would be very difficult because it is pulling you down. The wall we thought you could just climb over it since it is only 4 feet high. The class came up with as you go up it gets harder to go through, thenit becomes impossible. Then we talked about particles. We said it would look like a dot with one arrow. The arrow would be the direction and how fast the particle is going. We then drew how many particles would be in each. In the air there were little particles moving fast. Water there were more but moving slower. Quick sand there were also more but it was also moving slower. In the wall there were particles everywhere, and no movement. We can came up with the idea that the reason the water bent when we put water in it, the light literlly slows down. We then looked at a picture of light going into water. When the ray hit the water, some reflected, and some went in and bent. We siad that the bend in the light when it goes into water, it goes towards the normal line. Although when the light comes out of the water in bends away from the normal.

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