Monday, October 11, 2010

Period 2 (10/11)

For all of the period we went over what goes into a lab report and redid any experiments we were unsure about.

Lab Report
What do you want in observations?

--Table of results, descriptions of results, general information (all 2 degrees of my prediction, etc..)
Make sure to include this in the conclusion.
--Claim, evidence, conclusion
**No need to add in curved mirror**
What would our calculations be?
--We didn't calculate anything.
What goes into the background?
--Other light experiments, things leading up to it (path of light and why do we see it(bounced off of different colors better), shone the light against the mirror, can include partner experiment with the background)
**Would be smart to include picture or drawing in results**

Uncertainty—half of the smallest division
This is helpful because when a football isn’t on the line but its half way.
Uncertainty is accurate but not precise.
Uncertainty was present in our experiment because when we measured the degrees, it was probably not exact (range). Include uncertainty in your table.
**after some students were still uncertain about uncertainty, Mr. Finley did a quick drawing**

I measure something to be 45 degrees; the smallest increment is 5 degrees. What is the uncertainty?
--We find the uncertainty because it is half of the smallest increment (5/2=2.5)
+2.5 or -2.5

Does shining a laser against a mirror and it hits the opposite wall prove our hypothesis?

Law of Reflection= definitely proven
But nothing in science is proven?
--Many experiments were made, so many that it could no way be disproved.

Why can we see a dot on the mirror?
--The point on the mirror is an end point and reflects. It means that a new ray is started. (the end of one ray is also the starting point of another ray)
--The ray that hits the mirror is the strongest.


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