Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Period 2

Today we went over what we did Friday and Friday's homework. We talked about what the possible outcomes were for the light going through the cardboard cut-out onto the wall. We came up with a hypothesis that it could travel in a straight line and cause the same size of the cut-out on the wall. Also, we concluded that it could fan out or just go everywhere. We found out that with just a single cut-out held against the light bulb that it goes everywhere.

Then, we visited the blog website to see how we could get to our period's blogs to see what are classmates said.

Next, we went back to Friday's homework to see how the image of the triangle cut-out got sharper as it got closer to the wall. One suggestion was that the reflection off the wall of the triangle caused the cut-out to get sharper as it got closer. We showed on the white board that one point on a single light bulb doesn't just have one ray but infinity.

Another suggestion of how the light causes the triangle cut-out to get sharper was that the light couldn't fan out once it it the cardboard which caused the triangle.

Afterwards, we went over why the candle light caused the light on the other side of the card board cut-out to appear upside down on the wall. We came up with that the rays from the candle that go through the cut-out cross each other to form itself upside down on the wall. Everything else is blocked and doesn't affect the appearance.

Today was just a review of Friday for the few people that were absent.


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