Monday, October 25, 2010

We reviewed our hypothesis that light slows down at more dense objects.We also had the hypothesis that light goes towards the normal line when it slows down. We had to talk to our group about our hypothesis. My group(Emily, Claire, Anthony, and I) decided that it will slow down if it goes from a less dense to a more dense material. It was confusing deciding how to test to see if we were right. We concluded that we will take something like water and put a more dense object under it. We will use a protractor to see the angles that they come and go at. Jermey made a good point when he said we should point the laser at the wall with nothing in its way(on an angle), and then put a prism in its way and see how much it bent. I believe that this will be a very good representation for this. We decided to do the experiment multiple times to make sure we have an accurate conclusion. I liked this idea because it will give us an accurate responce. We used a metal rod to keep the laser pointer in place. Then, we marked where the laser was pointing. We then put the prism in its way. We saw it move differently when we move the prism. I think this experiment was a lot easier to set it up and do than I thought. Two points reflected off the prism as well. Only one was on the other side. It went about an inche away from the normal dot. This data supports our hypothesis.

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