Monday, January 24, 2011

1-24-11 Density

Today in class we got back our test, and packets.
The amount of particles is the mass.
Unit Rates:
In order to compare, the unit rate must be the same.
mass: 1 unit of volume

---- = density

You have to make the unit to 1, because it is easier to compare to the volume that way. The goal is to compare two masses.

Next we went online to phet. We are supposed to answer the questions posted on the website for homework.

To get to phet, you google phet. Then you click on play with sims, then density, then run now.

The website is below:"
In class, we began this while working with a partner.

We came up with the formula that density = 100* the %

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  1. Isn't it the percent = the density, not the other way around?


  2. It means just about the same thing. I just know that if the mass is greater than or equal to 100% then the obiect would be sunk. Anything below that is the percent of it floating.


  3. Are you saying that is should be = Percent of object that sinks, not Percent of object that sinks = Density

    If it is, then it doesn't really matter.
    This is because if x=y (or 2=1) then y=x (or 1=2)
    This is known as the Reflexive Property of Equality.

  4. mass
    ---- = density

    What does that equation mean? Is it divided or a ratio? Also, is division and a ratio the same thing?