Friday, January 28, 2011

In Class today we went to the Phet website. Then go to play with sims, Then go to states of matter. First he wanted to see what would happen if we put an icecube on a counter. We councluded that if you do the particles would start to heat up and vibrate faster. The next question was what would happen to the motion of the particles if it changed from solid to liquid. Also if it changed from liquid to gas. We said that the particles were vibrateing and spreading out.



  1. we also learned that when particles are cold they condense, making it hard to move fast. Another thing we learned was that when there is a boiling beaker of water the water becomes steam (evaporates) because the particles are too fast and some of them escape.

  2. To add to AR, when the particles they move more rapidly, and and when they are cold they bunch together and don't move fast at all.

  3. What is a micro-view? It says to draw some in our homework, but I have no idea what that means. Is it just like when we draw the particles?

  4. A micro-view is a zoomed in shot of the object so you can see all of its particles

    MP(posting for January)