Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21,2011-- Denisty

What is density?
-- Amount of particles or mass
-- To find the volume, you multiply length*width*height.
-- The size of the object doesn't change the density. Like materials will have the same amount of density even if one object is bigger than another for example, a life-size gold Jenna statue versus a a solid gold ring has the same density

Unit Rate example: x miles per hour (for every hour, your drive x miles)
To be able to compare, you have to "minimize" the volume down to one.
This is a bit of the packet we worked on showing how to reduce a ratio.
21.6 g : 8 cm3
2.17 g : 1 cm3-------> 2.7 grams per centimeter cubed
milliliters cubed is another way to measure volume
Reflection: Because of the activity with the floating/sinking cubes, I now much better understand the concepts (mass, density, volume, etc..). The packet also helped me becasue I had to figure a out the mass using only the volume and density, for example.

This is an example of the website we worked on where all the cubes had the same amount of density.

JF 3rd

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