Thursday, January 20, 2011

Density- P2

Today in classs we reviewed and learned more about mass and particles. To start the class off, we were to look at this table:
Mostly evaporated-(volume) 1000cm^2 (mass) 100g
Open to air-(volume) 1000cm^2 (mass) 1000g
Pumped with air-(volume) 1000cm^2 (mass) 1100g

Throughout the graph, the volume stayed the same, but the mass increased.
To see a visual example, Mr. Finley placed a slightly inflated rubeer glove inside of a jar. He then asked "What will happen if we pump air out? After testing this experiment, we found out that the glove inflated with air and increased in mass.

Things to Remember: Dense- amount of particles in one place.
Mass- particles


  1. Is the term for mass just referring to this experiment or mass in any experiment? I think I am confusing density with mass...


  2. @SD Correction: the glove didn't actually inflate at all, it just seemed like it was. The reason why it "inflated" was because there was empty space in the jar for it to take up, so it took up the space; it didn't actually fill with air.

    @EE Remember that density is measured in mass per volume, and mass is just a measurement. So, basically, there's no way to confuse mass with density because the mass is used to get the density.


  3. MA: If it didn't inflate, what did happen? It's a little unclear for me.
    -- JF