Monday, January 10, 2011

Burning Paper On January 11, 2011

First, we reviewed what we did in school Friday. On Friday, we dissolved sugar into water to see if mass is conserved. We found that mass is conserved. We made the following lists.

Things that are conserved:
Things that aren't conserved:
-volume--->empty space issue

Terms to know:
volume- the amount of space something takes up.
mass- the amount of stuff (matter) something is made of.

To find someone's weight without a scale, you could lift them up. This doesn't work in space because he doesn't have any amount to push or pull something. This is your weight.

Difference between mass and weight:

Mass won't necessarily go away, but weight could.

Mr. Finley takes a piece of paper and crumples it up. Has the mass changed?

No, the volume changed. The mass didn't change because he didn't take anything away.

When he lights the paper on fire, the mass does change because the fire is consuming the paper. There ended up being less of the paper left. The mass is going to decrease because the paper is turning into gas. The evidence is the smoke rising from the fire that is burning the paper.

In conclusion, today we learned about the mass and volume of different objects. Mass isn't specifically the weight of someone or something, but the amount of matter it is made out of. The volume is the amount of space something takes up. These two terms represent completely different things and make up the characteristics of an object or person. When you take away some of the mass from an object, the weight decreases. We figured this out being using the scale we have in class to measure paper before and after it is burned. Now, since the paper is smaller in size, it has less volume as well, and takes up less space.

Here is a link to a very important question that deals with what we learned about today.

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  1. Weight is the amount of push or pull against an object.

  2. I thought force was the amount of push or pull???

    Mass isn't the weight of something because, as I said above, the weight can't change, but the mass can. The mass of something is like how much it weighs compared to the container. At least I think.... Hope I helped!!